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VR Tips:
The Google Chrome browser tends to allow most VR 360 effects to work on many devices and desktops.
The Unity VR Web Viewer may not work with slow internet, try turning on WiFi if available or select the Youtube Version if available on the post, don't miss out on the VR experience.

Featuring the Elephone Elecam 360.

Excited you stopped in!

As the growing interest to VR 360, this blog is to help you get started. Like many people having made the upgrade to a newer Samsung Galaxy S series phone, one finds a whole new world in social media using video and photos. Although you can use the S4, this blog will be covering the World with the use of an S7. ( Samsung Galaxy Series: Read More...)

A modern Browser is needed to get the full effects of the samples. Although you can view the site in portrait mode, it is best to use landscape, which is also required when you use your VR Head Gear. Some feature work when mobile browser is in DESKTOP mode vs MOBILE mode.

Fundraiser kickstart

We are teaming up with various artist, animators and film makers, to help bring more information about the exciting world of 360x360 VR. You can donate any amount you wish via paypal or credit card. Funds go toward helping create more tutorial, downloadable samples and a 360 webisode is in the works.


Very Informational Video by Steven Emerson:

Gear VR By Samsung

Gear VR sparked the birth of this blog. 

Having updated S4(a keeper) to the S7 for $99 the VR looked to be a nice novelty for another $99(gift card). Wow, this set us off on the exploration of VR!

It was not only a blast viewing media designed for the Gear VR, but it sparked an interest on how to create VR. The S7 is fully capable of creating a image 360x360 spherical, but it is the video that really sets things in motion.

Come and ENTER VR WORLD to take the journey together.

Things to know about Device OVERHEAT issue. ( Read More Coming Soon...)


Elephone Elecam 360


Enter VR World
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Enjoy Our SF360VR Short Films 360 Production and Donate today to help bring more 360 VR.

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with or without a VR Gear Head Set.

Viewer tip: Supported 360 mobile or Desktop Viewer Required to get the full effect. Youtube plugin works in desktop mode for mobile browsers too. Try out some alternate viewer options if you cannot view the 360 effects.

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