Many Ways To Create Tiny Planet Videos Tutorial

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Tutorial: Tiny Planet Series

Tiny Planet Videos With Your 360 Clips has just gotten easier for Panoview and Elecam360.


Current Version

  1. Download the latest software from your device store: "symax360"
  2. Connect your device via Wifi
  3. Snap your video
  4. upload to phone
  5. connect to internet via Wifi or LTE
  6. Start Share and Upload to Desktop System
  7. Open application and drag and drop either raw file or converted file to app.
  8. User the Red Record Button to make a video file as it plays in real time.
  9. Select Left Icon at top for tiny planet or the third Icon from the left for spherical.
  10. Hit the Record button and use the mouse to set the lens orientation and/or simulate planet rotation to achieve other visual effects.

Note: These steps do not include editing the video; such edits may require other steps. Check out the advance tutorial for editing videos before posting to social media. There are several other application that can also be used to create Tiny Planet Videos both for mobile phone apps and Desktop apps.

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