Review sample 360 night recording

Review sample of a 360 night video recording.
The magical fountains at Las Vegas.

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Magical Fountains Of Las Vegas

Review 360 Night video capture of 360 Action Camera.

So we put together a little sample of a night recording from the Elephone 360 Action Cam. 

When filming 360, not only is planning important, but you need a very good light source. Filming is best done between dawn and before sunset when filming outdoors.

This however does not mean you cannot get some 360 video after the sunsets. Our example we have the camera setting and environment as follows:

  1. Time: afterdark (beyond sunset)
  2. Connection: Wifi (start/stop)
  3. White Balance: Auto
  4. Mount: Big U-shot Telescopic Pole
  5. Motion: Walking to fix point
  6. Light Source: Surrounding Neon structures, cell phones, Lamp Post, Structure's lighting systems.

We have shot several night 360 video, and this is more on the extreme dark side. The more light you have even at night will greatly improve the resolution. 

We recommend that you use your favorite VR viewer to experience this Night Video Sample.


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